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Some of the most critical problems facing our country today arise from our reliance on foreign sources of oil. Our continuing dependence hinders the growth of our economy, magnifies the complexity of international relations and increases risks to our future security.

Fortunately, for the past decade, American entrepreneurs have been building renewable fuel production facilities at an impressive rate and are now developing new technologies that promise to greatly reduce our use of crude oil from the Middle East and other regions. The American farmer has responded by growing more feed stock for ethanol and bio-diesel and the transportation sector has geared up to handle increasing volumes of both raw materials and finished fuels. A high percentage of the ethanol and bio-diesel we currently produce is transported by rail in 30,000 gallon tank cars but as pilot and demonstration plants pave the way for commercial scale, second generation alternative fuel refineries, new rail infrastructure will be required to safely and efficiently transport billions of tons of feedstock and billions of gallons of processed fuels.

Since our inception, Creative Rail Solutions has specialized in assisting our clients with the rail transportation portion of their alternative energy projects. Due to the fact that rail transportation is three times more energy efficient than hauling products by truck, we delight in providing consulting services to all industries that need to design and construct rail transportation facilities. However, we consider helping our clients plan for the production, transportation, blending and distribution of renewable fuels our highest calling. If new or rehabilitated rail sidings, loop tracks or spur tracks are included in the plans for your ethanol, bio-diesel, green gasoline, drop-in jet, bio-butanol, renewable diesel or other advanced biofuel project, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist you. As we construct bridges, literally, by laying track between the emerging green-energy industry and the existing petro-chemical sector of the economy, we will greatly reduce our reliance on foreign oil.